About Us

Surface Coating Engineering is a precision shield kit cleaning company. We are specializes in PVD & CVD Chamber Cleaning / Chemical Stripping / chemical Cleaning residue and particles. We are offering you ultrasonic cleaning  / Etching removal deposition and surface treatment  on metal and ceramic base which is use in hard disk drive , Semiconductor, solar thin film (Photo Voltaic) and Automotive industries

Surface Coating Engineering capable in reverse engineering  for modification on the shield base on customer requirement and information  in term of yield and cost improvement.

Surface Coating Engineering  can comply with the customer on the cleaning procedure or evaluation of yield improvement base on customer requirement. Our senior staff  more then 10 years experience  and have capability to meet customer satisfaction with our Quality Assurance System.







Company History:-

Surface Coating Engineering SdnBhd  was formerly known as Surface Cleaning Enterprise , it has been operating since year 2008 as a sub-contractor for  a listed company by providing sandblast and cleaning process.

In year 2010 Surface Coating Engineering SdnBhd  expanded its operation  by investing in its facility for the surface treatment and DI water cleaning process which include chemical etching , clean room (class 1k), thermal coating  and CO 2 blasting.  Since  then has ventured into data storage industry / photo voltaic industry / semi-conductor industry / decorative coating industry  / Automotive industry & others.

In year 2011 Surface Coating Engineering SdnBhd has made a business agreement with one of the largest sputtering target manufacturing company in Asia to supply target for photo voltaic, LED, Automotive, Optical , Architectural  & others.